International Teletext Art Festival

Frederic Cambus March 09, 2012 [Teletext]

That's it, the International Teletext Art Festival is finally live on YLE teletext pages (525-545), to celebrate the 30th anniversary of teletext in Finland. Once again, I would like to thank the ITAF team for organizing such a great event, and making this possible.

The event will last until April 8th, so you will be able to browse all the submitted teletext screens on YLE Internet teletext gateway or on your TV set if you happen to live in Finland (Hi Seppo, Julien and all the Anttis I know! :D). Place to the screenshots now!

Here is my personal contribution for the festival, entitled "Textcity":

Teletext - Textcity

For the record, Textcity has been used has an album cover for Lets Be Vampires "Fun Without The Internet" EP.

And two more screens drawn in cooperation with Fredrik Olsson (a.k.a. Bym):

Teletext - Night Scene

Teletext - Road

Some screenshots from YLE teletext pages:

YLE - ITAF 1/2

YLE - ITAF 2/2

YLE - TextCity

YLE - TextCity

YLE - Bym

YLE - Night Scene

YLE - Road

More information on ITAF site: