I’m Frederic Cambus, a system and network engineer with over a decade of experience in developing portable, maintainable, and secure code. Interested in development toolchains, modern compilers, with an emphasis on security related compiler features.

My areas of interest include ANSI Art, DNS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Security, Text Mode, and Toolchains.

I’m working on StatDNS, a DNS research project publishing monthly TLD zone files statistics and producing open source DNS tools, and on Telize, an IP Geolocation API.

In my spare time, I’m an OpenBSD developer. Here are my commit statistics and history for the ports, src, and xenocara repositories. Since May 2019, I’m also a NetBSD developer, currently working on pkgsrc and src repositories.

In 2021, I became an LLVM commiter. I’m currently working on OpenBSD and NetBSD support in Clang and compiler-rt, and here is my commit history.

I also used to be known as Cleaner on Artscene and Demoscene.

Open Source projects

All my open source projects are released under the BSD 2-Clause license.

I’m building projects using several toolchains (GCC, LLVM) on multiple systems (Linux and *BSD) running on different hardware architectures, and also leverage available tooling such as static/dynamic analyzers and fuzzers.

  • AnsiLove - ASCII / ANSI art to PNG converter, also supporting several artscene file formats.
  • AnsiWeather - Weather forecasts in the terminal, using ANSI colors and Unicode symbols.
  • BDF2SFD - BDF to SFD converter, allowing to vectorize bitmap fonts.
  • DNC - Domain Name Checker, a CLI tool to check domain names configuration.
  • Gwcheck - Check .gnu.warning.* sections in ELF object files.
  • Logswan - Web log analyzer targeted at very large log files.
  • Motyl - Opinionated blog-aware static site generator.
  • RRDA - REST API allowing to perform DNS queries over HTTP.
  • Spleen - Monospaced bitmap fonts for consoles, terminals, and code editors.
  • StatZone - DNS zone file analyzer targeted at TLD zones.
  • Telize - High performance JSON IP and GeoIP REST API (IP Geolocation).

Various contributions to other open source projects: https://www.cambus.net/opensource/

Web Sites

  • Ascii Codes - Online collection of ASCII tables for all MS-DOS charsets.
  • DNS-LG - Multilocation DNS Looking Glass (DNS over HTTP).
  • Goto10 - (French) BBS and Minitel Archives.
  • Minitel.org - Memories of Minitel and X.25 networks.
  • SBUG - Subcarpathian BSD User Group.
  • StatDNS - DNS and Domain Names statistics and tools.
  • Toolchains - A collection of toolchain resources.