ANSi Web Browser concept

Frederic Cambus January 03, 2012 [Ansi Art]

This is an attempt at building a text mode Web browser interface. It has built in tabs, back and forward buttons, an home button, an address bar with favicon display, bookmark icon, and country flag. It also comes with a few default extensions: a pagerank plugin, a currency converter, a weather plugin, and a music player as well. What else could you ask for? The possibilities are infinite.

By the way, in case you wonder if such a browser makes sense in the social media era, the answer is YES: you can of course share the pages on various social media sites. The icons used come from the ANSi Social Media Icon Set (CC-BY-SA 3.0 licensed).

The rationale behind this design is quite simple: text mode is the undisputed best way to display information on a computer screen. There is no other option.

You can download this mockup as an ansi file, or converted in PNG (with iCE colors turned ON) for easier viewing.

Happy New Year 2012!

ANSi Web Browser