2024-02-12d86205cAdd support to readelf for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type
2023-09-2873b2241Add support to readelf for the PT_OPENBSD_NOBTCFI segment type
2023-03-2380251d4Add support to readelf for the PT_OPENBSD_MUTABLE segment type
2023-01-202e17538Add OpenBSD ARM GAS support
2022-09-02d0a122dAdd OpenBSD ARM Little Endian BFD support
2022-08-316472b23Add OpenBSD AArch64 GAS support
2022-08-22ba86e75Add OpenBSD AArch64 Little Endian BFD support
2021-09-1198ca73aAdd support to readelf for reading OpenBSD ELF core notes
2021-04-145f47741Remove unneeded tests for definitions of NT_NETBSDCORE values
2021-04-120fa29e2Remove now unneeded #ifdef check for NT_NETBSD_PAX
2021-03-12be3b926Add values for NetBSD .note.netbsd.ident notes (PaX)
2021-01-26e37709fFix a double free in objcopy's memory freeing code


2022-02-21b8dab2eAdd DESTDIR support in the install target
2019-08-237698c42Set default MAN_DIR value only if it's not already set


2022-12-127d9d588Fix undefined references to 'WIFEXITED' and 'WEXITSTATUS'


2023-09-219c1e3e4Update the NetBSD system call table to add memfd_create(2) and epoll(2)
2023-03-17152d9c4Update the NetBSD system call table to add eventfd(2) and timerfd(2)
2021-07-1477db472Update the NetBSD system call table to match NetBSD-current
2021-04-21fd34472Fix the script name and year range in

GNU C Library

2023-12-059fd2cebdebug/getwd_chk.c: warning should be emitted for the __getwd_chk symbol

GNU poke

2023-02-278c2a5ecINSTALL: Remove forgotten section about building the GUI


2016-03-10a38c554Add support for using pledge() on OpenBSD
2016-03-0899ddefaAdd quotes to prevent word splitting, this fixes test failures with pdksh
2016-03-0857dc957Add cast to suppress warning when compiling with GCC 4.8.4


2023-11-057966dbcAppend -o flag explicitely in, to fix the build with BSD Make


2015-08-205d23c24Use 'snprintf' instead of 'sprintf'


2021-04-21582e18dStop hardcoding HTTP error codes in http_response() calls
2021-04-14087da68Stop hardcoding HTTP error codes in http_error_response() calls
2021-04-08a92f6d1Stop hardcoding HTTP/1.1 in access logs, Kore also supports HTTP/1.0
2021-04-07b6570e1Do not send the HSTS header if tls is not enabled in the server context
2020-09-17af99a4dConditionally allow syscalls required to run on arm
2020-09-1728ea1b3Add missing tests for SYS_mmap, fixes the build on arm
2020-09-167290944Add support for logging seccomp violations on arm
2020-09-159deb2e7Use kore_worker_name() when logging worker exits in worker_reaper()
2020-09-14debe6cbMention the seccomp_tracing configuration option
2020-09-1460bc618Allow the clock_nanosleep syscall, it is required for kore_accesslog()
2020-09-1119573a7Also add DESTDIR in the uninstall targets in kore and kodev Makefiles
2020-09-083bf5896Add DESTDIR support in both kore and kodev Makefiles
2020-09-083ac956cUse kore_worker_name() when logging worker shutdowns
2020-06-09ce8290cAdd missing test for SYS_stat, fixes the build on arm64
2020-03-03fe43ed0Add the http_pretty_error configuration option
2020-02-18b4ebee5Add the http_server_version configuration option
2020-02-13cc6ab4fAllow the stat syscall in keymgr, it is used in keymgr_save_randfile()
2020-02-10b24bc43Remove set but not used variable, broke the build with GCC 9.2.0
2020-01-07ff40f04Remove forgotten debug message
2019-11-15c6dbf16Account for the change from 'static' to 'route' in the CLI tool as well
2019-09-2985981e2Allow the nanosleep syscall, it is used in kore_accesslog()
2019-09-02a8c6ecbSet default MAN_DIR value only if it's not already set
2019-06-09bae117bSet req->agent to "-" if it is NULL, as do other major HTTP servers


2024-04-247911615[compiler-rt] Update libFuzzer build script to use C++17
2024-02-20a8d7511[llvm-readobj] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type
2024-02-201b89486[llvm-objdump] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type
2024-02-1797eff26[Support/ELF] Add OpenBSD PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS constant
2024-02-10d2e4a72[clang] Update Clang version from 18 to 19 in scan-build.1
2023-09-25e5038f0[llvm-readobj] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_NOBTCFI segment type
2023-09-22a921f2a[llvm-objdump] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_NOBTCFI segment type
2023-09-21ca3ed7b[clang] Update Clang version from 17 to 18 in scan-build.1
2023-03-198510cf9[compiler-rt] Add missing #else clause to fix the build on NetBSD
2023-03-16245f26a[docs] Document "PGO" (Profile-Guided Optimization) in the lexicon
2023-03-15d8df871[compiler-rt] Point UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer link to its own page
2023-02-105cec69b[clang] Update Clang version from 16 to 17 in scan-build.1
2022-08-01892e6e2[clang] Update Clang version from 15 to 16 in scan-build.1
2022-06-27aa89bb3[Driver][test] Add libclang_rt.profile{{.*}}.a tests for NetBSD
2022-06-262ff4fb6[Driver][test] Add libclang_rt.profile{{.*}}.a tests for OpenBSD
2022-06-24a129a37[clang] Update Clang version from 14 to 15 in scan-build.1
2022-03-2345c6738[compiler-rt] Remove forgotten mention of SVN modules, LLVM now uses Git
2022-03-21bc01d8f[compiler-rt] Remove mentions of AuroraUX in code comments and docs
2021-12-20f6ba5c4[llvm-readobj] Check ELFType value first when checking for OpenBSD notes
2021-11-29878ff1f[llvm-readobj] Add support for machine-independent NetBSD ELF core notes
2021-11-2469deb13[clang][scan-build] Use cc/c++ instead of gcc/g++ on FreeBSD
2021-11-026503117[llvm-readobj] Add support for reading OpenBSD ELF core notes
2021-10-306ecd4a4[clang][scan-build] Use uname -s to detect the operating system
2021-10-21b471e25[clang] Support __float128 on DragonFlyBSD
2021-10-219635b29[docs] Fix broken link rendering in the LLVM Coding Standards
2021-10-164d7c7d8[docs] Mention DragonFlyBSD as a supported platform for LLVM
2021-10-15ecef035[Driver][NetBSD] Use Triple reference instead of ToolChain.getTriple()
2021-10-148ecbcd0[Driver][Darwin] Use T reference instead of getToolChain().getTriple()
2021-10-14f7a3214[Driver][WebAssembly] Use ToolChain reference instead of getToolChain()
2021-10-096417260[Driver][OpenBSD] Use ToolChain reference instead of getToolChain()
2021-10-081f90b36[Driver][NetBSD] Use ToolChain reference instead of getToolChain()
2021-10-06f0ffff4[CMake] Fix typo in error message for LLD in bootstrap builds
2021-09-3097a0ba4[clang] Update Clang version from 13 to 14 in scan-build.1
2021-09-3001641f6[clang] Fix sentence in the usage section of ThinLTO docs
2021-09-297a7caf9[clang] Fix library name (libsupc++) in the admonition note
2021-09-285b125a4[CMake] Add detection for the mold linker in AddLLVM.cmake
2021-09-24626e2a6[compiler-rt] Use portable "#!/usr/bin/env bash" shebang for tests
2021-09-244ed0531[docs] Document the --print-passes flag in opt
2021-09-237f5ca8c[clang] Use portable "#!/usr/bin/env bash" shebang for tools and utils
2021-09-17b588f5d[clang][scan-build] Use cc/c++ instead of gcc/g++ on OpenBSD
2021-09-074787ef3[compiler-rt] Document that builtins is known to work on OpenBSD
2021-09-03466451c[clang] Allow the OpenBSD driver to link the libclang_rt.profile library
2021-07-271862ffe[clang] Fix a typo in the manual page: s/contraint/constraint
2021-07-23bc96aa9[clang] Fix typos in and regen ClangCommandLineReference.rst


2022-05-06c70dfecFix numbering error for the --headers-dir2 option in the abidiff manual


2016-12-029f0b09eMissing includes for in6_addr / AF_INET*, fixes compilation on OpenBSD


2022-08-26fda5906Added support for building on OpenBSD/arm64
2022-07-03624793eAdded support for building with Clang on OpenBSD
2016-05-197541a88Allow building on OpenBSD


2018-10-16c5063acAllow MagiTerm to build on OpenBSD


2017-07-30f0c98a6Unbreak lhasa and zziplib detection on non Apple platforms


2015-12-013afc097Fix compilation errors on NetBSD


2016-01-23e5a3a2aFix a buffer overflow by getting rid of all strcpy() calls
2015-10-3007975b8Add support for the rxvt-256color terminal
2015-10-3065bbd3aAdd _BSD_SOURCE define to allow compiling on OpenBSD


2023-02-11d1a6469lddtree: allow to find Xenocara libraries on OpenBSD
2022-01-220ffdf61porting: don't include alloca.h on NetBSD


2019-12-0937df238Check that the argument passed to freeaddrinfo(3) is not NULL


2019-05-160cbc3aaAllow building on NetBSD and OpenBSD