Toolchains adventures - Q1 2024

Frederic Cambus March 31, 2024 [LLVM] [Compilers] [Toolchains]

This is the ninth post in my toolchains adventures series. Please check the previous posts in the toolchains category for more context about this journey. There was no Q4 2023 report as there wasn't really anything worthwhile to write about.

I've been taking a break from Pkgsrc to only focus on OpenBSD at this point, for which I updated binutils to version 2.42 in the ports tree.

During this OpenBSD release cycle, the remaining parts required to get pinsyscalls(2) working have been committed, and I added support upstream for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type to readelf in GNU Binutils, as well as in LLVM versions of objdump and readobj.

Lastly, I also wrote a blog post about Speedbuilding LLVM/Clang in 3 minutes on Power10.

As usual, I’ve also been busy reading different material, and adding new resources to

binutils commits:

2024-02-12d86205cAdd support to readelf for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type

LLVM commits

2024-02-20a8d7511[llvm-readobj] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type
2024-02-201b89486[llvm-objdump] Add support for the PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS segment type
2024-02-1797eff26[Support/ELF] Add OpenBSD PT_OPENBSD_SYSCALLS constant
2024-02-10d2e4a72[clang] Update Clang version from 18 to 19 in scan-build.1