RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi

Frederic Cambus April 24, 2015 [RISC OS] [ARM]

Last week-end, I was finally able to dedicate some free time to play a little bit with the Raspberry Pi again, so I decided to plug it on my TV and try RISC OS Open using the prebuilt RISC OS Pi (RC14) SD card image.

In fact, I already had a brief encounter with RISC OS running on Acorn hardware (most likely a Risc PC) a while ago at a French demoparty in the late nineties. I'm not sure how popular those machines were in the UK, but in France, it was as exotic as it can get.

RISC OS in full glory on a 42 inches Panasonic TV in 1080p

Here is a screenshot showing the desktop running a few applications: BBC Basic, StrongEd text editor, and the NetSurf Web browser pointed at my ASCii and ANSi Gallery:

RISC OS running BBC Basic, StrongEd and NetSurf

This capture was taken using Snapper and converted from sprite to PNG using ConvImgs.