NetBSD, CTWM, and Spleen

Frederic Cambus October 09, 2021 [NetBSD]

Back in the fall of 2020, I was approached about adding Spleen to the NetBSD's xsrc repository. Needless to say, I wasn't difficult to convince, and imported Spleen 1.8.2 as font-spleen-misc. With this being done, nia@ added all the required glue to hook the fonts to the build, and then changed the default CTWM configuration to do automatic font scaling based on screen size, and make Spleen the default font.

CTWM had previously been promoted as the default window manager on NetBSD, and saw several tweaks and improvements to make it look more modern, notably with a nice orange themed menu.

Below is a screenshot of CTWM with Spleen 8x16, running on my HP t510 Thin Client plugged to a 1600x900 monitor, showing JED, Lynx, xcalc and xv.

CTWM on NetBSD 9.99.90

One last thing to note, there are now live images available in -current for amd64, and NetBSD 10 will be the first release to officially provide them. While NetBSD/evbarm has had live images for a long time now, their availability on amd64 is a much welcome addition, as this allows to easily test NetBSD's default CTWM configuration :-)

The most recent version is currently NetBSD-9.99.90-amd64-live.img.gz and can be downloaded here.

Once again, thanks to Nia for doing all of this!