Hello World!

Frederic Cambus July 10, 2010 [News]

Welcome to cambus.net, my personal site which main purpose is to gather all the projects I’ve been involved with at the same place.

Although I've been originally planning to use another solution (namely b2evolution) to build this site upon, I've finally been switching over to Wordpress 3.0. Despite huge optimization issues, which can however partly be fixed by using cache plugins, I still consider it to be the best blogging platform available in 2010, thanks to an enormous plugins base, its overall flexibility, and a very user-friendly and productive back-end making it a breeze to publish and manage content.

Over the curse of time, more content will be added to the site (i.e: a travel photography gallery), and I also have plans to write software and networking related technical articles. So bookmark this URL for now, and have a nice Summer 2010: future is now!