DNS-OARC Spring 2014 Workshop

Frederic Cambus May 18, 2014 [DNS]

Last week, I had the chance to attend the DNS-OARC Spring 2014 Workshop which was held on May 10-11th 2014 in Warsaw (Poland). Given the fact I'm living only 300 km away from Warsaw, there was no way I could miss such an opportunity to enjoy a full weekend entirely focused on DNS.

The event was packed with high-quality presentations, friendly people, and the organization was impeccable. I also had the opportunity to meet and discuss DNS topics with Anand Buddhdev from the RIPE NCC and Stephane Bortzmeyer from AFNIC. If you guys read this, it was nice meeting you :)

So thanks to DNS-OARC for organizing such a great event. I'm definitely hoping to be able to attend the Spring 2015 edition in Amsterdam.

Presentations and Videos are available on DNS-OARC site.